Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Month: March, 2014


29 March, 2014 (14:11) | General | By:

Company advocates with DocStop humane workplace of professional drivers. Dusseldorf, 2010-12-14. Since 2007, the DocStop initiative for better medical care by bus and truck drivers are involved. TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH now also on board is a partner for all companies involved in the transport. By joining forces, the project launched in Germany should […]

Fitness Studio

29 March, 2014 (08:02) | General | By:

On January 24, the fitness studio for women starts the new slimming course myline 50 + how at the beginning of each year many women have made themselves again, to do more for themselves and their health, maybe even go to the gym, and to take off. The metabolism is slower, however with increasing age […]

Muscle Building

28 March, 2014 (11:56) | General | By:

A good diet are the key to more muscles and strong abdominal muscles is positive or negative, activating or stressful, unmotivated or creative, angry and upset or offset and left spring fatigue or feelings our diet stimulates and acts. Nothing can affect our cell and hormone metabolism as quickly and directly as our food. Every […]

Private Health Insurance

28 March, 2014 (06:11) | General | By:

A tariff change is to get a possibility of rate change and post reduction without change of insurer of many policyholders in the private health insurance (PKV) insurance contract law pursuant to section 204 in these days of post from your insurer. Often, this is not necessarily enjoyable, because it is reported, that an adjustment […]

Stress Reduction Through Zen Meditation

27 March, 2014 (03:44) | General | By:

New series of seminars for executives “Zen, health and vitality” Hamburg – managers and executives has the Zen-leadership-school a new seminar series designed for that focuses on holistic health. “In times, where decision makers are often high continuous stress, a self management techniques are in demand, keep in balance the body and mind,” explained Zen-leadership […]

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Face

18 March, 2014 (03:42) | General | By:

Thanks to modern methods of treatment the skin relief of acne sufferers can noticeably improved and – similar to how facelift – the look to rejuvenated. People who suffer from acne scars, want nothing more than a smooth skin. Beauty surgeons such as the Dusseldorf physician Dr. med. Faix Schade allow Lara to improve it […]

HealthShare Awards

16 March, 2014 (06:03) | General | By:

Ad-hoc awards ceremony for the winners of HealthShare Awards Cologne, 18.03.2013 the winner of HealthShare Awards 2012 have been determined: A community hospital and a group of nurses won the fight. That brought the good news of HealthShare SEK awards. Armed with water guns and complete outfit, the SEK (social-enforcement command) stormed the Office of […]

What Do About Hair Loss?

13 March, 2014 (03:18) | General | By:

The only way is a transplant of hair? Many people look in the mirror every day and realize that the hair on his own head by day become less day. While most men of the disease are concerned, that is, that women are still outside, on the contrary, the woman can hair loss suffer. It […]

Hypnosis Gaining Trust

9 March, 2014 (18:03) | General | By:

Also really comply with good intentions – hypnosis have helps you also good resolutions for the new year are grouped and also loudly proclaimed that you this year actually comply with all resolutions? And are you now have the doubt whether it is really so works, as expected after the new year’s Eve party and […]

Martina Pfeiffer

8 March, 2014 (13:42) | General | By:

Nursing home no popular alternative in the majority of cases the affliction increasing in the age in the age. Health is no longer the best and support is necessary. Often the relatives to agree, temporarily taking over the care and in addition to hire a home care team. Because most want to take if they […]