Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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Month: September, 2016


30 September, 2016 (11:30) | General | By:

It arrived and it seated in the hard chair of the room of wait of the clinic. Badly it waved for the girls of the reception who always dealt it with affection and attention. When entering in the doctor’s office it did not have will of speaking, to only remove of inside of the chest […]

Trans Fats Oil

25 September, 2016 (23:56) | General | By:

What? Trans fats, are solid fats that are made by chemical manipulation of the liquid, changing their formula. In other words, all kinds of margarines derived from vegetable oils. Trans fats on product labels sometimes referred to as 'cooking oil', but that their essence remains unchanged: they do not have any useful properties and are […]

Cancer Victims

24 September, 2016 (18:41) | General | By:

EP was a legendary player of the Valencia in the 1970s. With the Valencia played a total of 92 games in which he scored 23 goals. He also played in the Zaragoza, Salamanca and Betis. That was the Paraguayan striker Carlos Lobo Diarte Valencia player has died this Wednesday, at 61 years of age, after […]

Stress Learns Stress

19 September, 2016 (01:33) | General | By:

There is an erroneous interpretation of the close link that connects these two symptoms in many cases. For those looking for whether is tinnitus from stress or stress trigger the cause of tinnitus, there is a simple but sometimes disturbing answer: both assertions are correct. Tinnitus can cause a State of stress due to discomfort […]

Medicinal Plants

16 September, 2016 (02:57) | General | By:

Golden mustache – one of the best, in my opinion, medicinal plants, has high medicinal properties and helps with many diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, asthma, diabetes, stomach ulcer, cyst ovary, liver, gall bladder, etc. The Golden mustache is also called Venus hair. Golden mustache looks like a young corn in height usually reaches 50-100 […]


15 September, 2016 (21:42) | General | By:

Several years I was teacher at the National University of Trujillo, as Professor of Gynecology-in the square of Dr. Senator of Massachusetts shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Felix Guillen Araoz-(remembered Professor and friend), but also was Assistant physician of the Social insurance in Albrecht, where should be at 8 am […]


15 September, 2016 (07:28) | General | By:

Gardening – is consideration of multiple factors. Senator of Massachusetts will not settle for partial explanations. Certainly, knowledge of geographical origin of each decorative plant. If it is, for example, from the tropics, it is necessary to ensure that an ornamental plant increased humidity and eliminate the draft. Why? – In the tropics, there is […]

Natural Treatment For Hemorrhoids

6 September, 2016 (11:18) | General | By:

Natural treatment for hemorrhoids if you have tried many types of treatments for the unpleasant and annoying hemorrhoids, then you will understand the differences in how each of these treatments is used. In this article, I go over what each of these treatments do for our body, how to treat hemorrhoids, and the controversial and […]

Potter Surgery

1 September, 2016 (03:35) | General | By:

Halbe (1993), guides for the health team that must you making the recognition and having the understanding of the psychological alterations of the patient with breast cancer and to allow the consideration most adequate of this patient, allowing the indication the support service so that it can return the psychic balance modified by the situation […]