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Fitness Studio

29 March, 2014 (08:02) | General | By:

On January 24, the fitness studio for women starts the new slimming course myline 50 + how at the beginning of each year many women have made themselves again, to do more for themselves and their health, maybe even go to the gym, and to take off. The metabolism is slower, however with increasing age and weight loss becomes increasingly difficult. The women’s bodies of less estrogen, which promotes weight gain produces after menopause. With each decade of life, the body needs 15% less energy. The complete metabolism slows down and mostly women that their lives were rather slim, increase after menopause weight, not burnt grease from the food directly in the body is stored. One of the main causes for the slowdown of metabolism is a lack of movement. Therefore, especially from the second half of life, it is so important to move sufficiently to keep the muscles strong.

Regular stress is important not only for the figure for the entire musculoskeletal system. Only woman remains so long fit, flexible and healthy. Actually it is a completely natural process, and against one or two kilograms too much is also nothing. If the weight gain however is in the truest sense of the word to the load, if mobility is restricted and the cholesterol level rises, it is taking time, something about it. Not only the body, also the psyche begins to suffer. Women over 50 stand with both feet firmly in life and want to feel fit and attractive, because they do not belong to the old iron still long. The new myline 50 + course in the Lady figured and health Studio is aimed at all women over 50 who are willing to change their habits to get to a better body and more zest for life. It is not as difficult as it might sound. The success-proven combination of healthy diet and adequate exercise has the activation of metabolism to the target and everything must know women about healthy, appropriate diet in a primary course.