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What Do About Hair Loss?

13 March, 2014 (03:18) | General | By:

The only way is a transplant of hair? Many people look in the mirror every day and realize that the hair on his own head by day become less day. While most men of the disease are concerned, that is, that women are still outside, on the contrary, the woman can hair loss suffer. It is so affected by hair loss you should not despair, because often you can do something about it. Of all it applies only so, to understand the causes of hair loss. There may be very many different causes of hair loss causes and treatment options. To enumerate all the frame beyond here, here the main causes for hair loss.

Hereditary hair loss in the so called androgenetic alopecia is a hypersensitivity of the own follicles for hair loss. The sensitivity against the body’s natural DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which should be the reason why it comes more frequently in men to this type of disease. The number of Hair follicles in the scalp is so normal, only the growth of the individual Folikel is limited. Against this form of hair loss, man has developed a drug that promises to help. What it is exactly, what helps here, is still unknown to science until now, the drug was originally produced for other purposes. Nevertheless, this means in scientific studies has shown that it helps. Circular hair loss with this type of hair loss there is literally “Holes” in the hair, i.e. a localised hair loss.

The mean of this hair loss is that you get it especially at a young age, so in an age where putting a lot more value on a well-groomed appearance and perceived by this form of hair loss as particularly disturbing. This form of hair loss can also occur at other places in the body, such as BART. Locally, this disease is treated with substances (Diphenylcyclopropenon), on which the body responds with defense materials. The substances which were previously responsible for hair loss, be on these Controlled substances (deflection response) and the hair no longer fail. There can be very, very many different causes of diffuse hair loss for this type of hair loss. Here, the hair fall off from the entire head area. Depending on the cause (hormone fluctuations, thyroid disorders, deficiency symptoms, infection, stress, fat deficiency), there are various treatment options. If so, your doctor has no idea what could be the reason for your hair loss, then see times, whether you can find here again in this list. Should the hair loss are still in an early stage and be not quite so bad, also shampoos can help.