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Stress Reduction Through Zen Meditation

27 March, 2014 (03:44) | General | By:

New series of seminars for executives “Zen, health and vitality” Hamburg – managers and executives has the Zen-leadership-school a new seminar series designed for that focuses on holistic health. “In times, where decision makers are often high continuous stress, a self management techniques are in demand, keep in balance the body and mind,” explained Zen-leadership coach Helmut Rumke. The manager knows what he’s talking about. As an IT company’s Board he has must withstand years of endurance on the job. Based on its management practices and the demand of the seminar participants from, the new type of seminar is designed now “Zen, health and vitality”. The seminar is aimed at executives who are looking for techniques for a healthy work-life balance, and is offered on various dates in 2010 and 2011. Health management is the seminar of “Zen, health and vitality” for executives specifically aimed at people in responsibility.

Executives and entrepreneurs to learn to focus the balance between body and soul in the own health management. The Zen training leads to a permanent change in dealing with himself and his environment. “Zen is neither religion nor esoteric,” so Radha. “Zen is a mental workout that is practiced by the elite in Asia for more than 2,500 years. We use the Japanese meditation technique to stress management in the European context. Has been shown in their profession that already 25 minutes meditation daily enough to draw strength and serenity with this mental anchoring in the own centre. About two-thirds of our seminar participants have integrated sustainable the Zen training in their lives. “Their experience shows: the concentration on the essential leads to better balance and efficiency.” Zen meditation, coaching and therapeutic body treatment “new seminar type the combination of Zen training with a multidisciplinary health coaching is designed by experienced management practitioners, and doctors of different medical disciplines.