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Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Face

18 March, 2014 (03:42) | General | By:

Thanks to modern methods of treatment the skin relief of acne sufferers can noticeably improved and – similar to how facelift – the look to rejuvenated. People who suffer from acne scars, want nothing more than a smooth skin. Beauty surgeons such as the Dusseldorf physician Dr. med. Faix Schade allow Lara to improve it now thanks to modern methods of treatment, the skin relief of those affected and – similar to rejuvenate the appearance of the face lift.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle about suffers acne scars that make his face rough and coarse. Like the face ruts and craters in actors like Jurgen Prochnow still an essential character trait, affect in less prominent people they massively psychological well-being and self-esteem, even if the acne has healed long. As a side-effect of diets, drugs, and cosmetics can’t help acne victims face rejuvenation. Therefore remains mostly just the way to those affected Beauty surgeons such as Dr. med. Lara continued to eliminate Faix too bad the acne scars.

Using a special operation, the deep scars can be lifted and brought about at skin level. As a result, the skin appears younger, and even the renowned Dusseldorf surgeon explains. Bring the effects of this treatment, according to Dr. med. Lara Faix sorry at the same time is an obvious improvement of appearance, total results in a rejuvenation of the face, because a certain excess of skin is removed. This form of treatment can only in patients with a burned-out”, carried no longer active acne, the experienced plastic surgeon explains narrowing. Handlers should be experienced that is worth the effort for Acne victims, patients and doctors agree, finally, face is no longer distorted by acne scars, on the contrary, it is smooth and even. The public gauntlet had immediately after the surgery”an end, one reported by Dr. Faix Schade patients about his experiences with this special treatment.