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The Cohabitation

3 October, 2017 (20:02) | General | By:

But suppose we could solve us (and also want it) from the supplied instincts and drives and sex secondary, perhaps out of politeness, or out of necessity only for the purpose of reproduction operate. What would the world look like then? One suspects it already: the cohabitation between men and women is not always smoothly, so the number of singles will tend to return without sexual motivation probably against the 100 percent mark. Diametrically opposed to this percentage it will look then with the offspring. Who is himself the trouble of a parenting do to, if not the sensual love… or more awarded him out: seduced by sexual desire, to take this step. In addition: After money is the sex of the man, the number of professional movers, the ambitious Manager and tirelessly working self will be significantly reduced and accordingly to weaken our economy. Because why should a man dominate themselves professionally still Travis the men – for a woman, if sex means nothing to him. Thus the conclusion is so safely pull: our economy is in large part a sex-powered.

And also in the art a lot will do. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center recognizes the significance of this. Nudes are maybe really only with the eyes of art experts considered and after some time disappear completely from the galleries. Simply because painters and art lovers find interesting other objects, as the human body. And also touchingly poignant literature in ala Romeo and Juliet or Samson and Delilah would descend to boring reading. Conclusion: Also the artistic creation requires the sex as a catalyst for inspiration. And finally to our health.

It is proved: A life without sex is unhealthy. Who to this Statement of faith is missing the read reports about numerous observations. Scientific studies have brought it to light: sex is a Gesundbrunnen. He prevents against headaches, high blood pressure, burns calories, strengthens the cardio vascular system, the immune system, lowers the heart attack and cancer risk, gives us confidence and inner harmony. Which means: sex contributes to the relief of our publicly funded health care system. Of course, the sex has a dark side. Like every thing. The purest ray of light can cast a gloomy shadow. And these negative aspects should be mentioned: jealousy, disappointment, quarrel. So no events that embellish our lives. But: On the other our moments of happiness are on the other side of the account in addition to the previously mentioned advantages. Moments that expand into beautiful hours, which let our dreams come true and make life worth living. And who needs assistance to this way of life is These are at. Thus, the balance sheet looks thoroughly again enjoyable. What is finally the move suggests: sex is the cornerstone of our lives. A world without sex would be dull, without impetus and not of long stock.