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Magnolia Werbeagentur Salesfolder

26 March, 2024 (00:11) | General | By:

Set the outdoor Brauer magnolia agency Sales folder – the free Brewers Mannheim, May 26, 2011 – for the external communication of the diversity of medium-sized independent and private breweries decided the Association of free Brewers for the advertising agency magnolia from Mannheim. Now the national and international brewing companies beer production accounts for approximately two-thirds of the entire beer production in Germany alone. To counteract these significant changes in the beer industry, the free Brewers Association commissioned the magnolia advertising agency from Mannheim to create a Salesfolders to the external communication of the medium-sized brewery variety. The preservation of diversity of authentic, unadulterated beer specialities and a healthy regional economic structure, in short: the preservation of the art of brewing and way of life is the central concern of the Association free brewers. As a strong community of successful family breweries, we stand for these values a. “, says Managing Director Jurgen Keipp. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin sees a great future in this idea.

For external communication therefore a sales folder created the diversity within the beer industry. In this, a platform was offered every brewery, which is a member of the free Brewers, to present themselves on two sides. Here in addition to the special features of the individual breweries, geographical distribution in the breweries, as well as the respective awards of bauereieigenen products were shown. Many of the medium-sized breweries producing really excellent and special beers. Unfortunately the mid-sized breweries often not so perceived with its diverse offerings in addition to the large breweries in the beer industry. To counteract this, we have created a sales folder along with the free brewing, which show wide range of mid-sized breweries in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and communicate to. “, so Matthias Ries, Managing Director of the Mannheim agency magnolia.

The free brewers are an amalgamation of 38 medium-sized private breweries in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, which are group-independent and family run for generations. The free Brewers via a pure economic cooperation are also a value community of minded, self-conscious family breweries which are leaders in their respective region. Press contact: magnolia GmbH advertising agency, Matthias Ries, 30 Forest Park Road, 68163 Mannheim, Tel: 0621-83323650 via magnolia ad agency the magnolia GmbH advertising agency was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Mannheim. In addition to big companies such as ABB, Bauer fruit juices, CinemaxX, Dorint, G + H, graeff halls – and container construction, Granini and Golden toast has the portfolio of inhabergefuhrten full service agency also numerous, major and regional customers in Mannheim and the surrounding area from; as for example, aquadrom Hockenheim, BMW-Mannheim, Cineplex – MannHeim, Heidelberger Sinfoniker, Rhine Neckar metropolitan region, city of Heidelberg and Weldebrau.