Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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The Data

22 March, 2024 (11:02) | General | By:

It is difficult to speak of somebody exceeds that are so few concrete data, beginning by its date and birthplace it has then not been able to clarify itself if it were in Warsaw in 1898 or Moscow in 1900 not if it is a question of lack of documents or " whim ideolgico" in the style of Frida Kahlo, the certain thing is that it is not possible to determine with east exactitude data. The few concrete data on their life, beyond their special pictorial work profusely documented, are limited a concise biography and a relation of their innumerable trips and reviews of a very active social life that I am going to summarize even more limiting me the flagrant events of his life; with certainty, of the book written by its daughter Kizette, " Passion by the Diseo" , they can be extracted but data, surely trustworthy although perhaps clarified by the changing relation that it had with his mother, (especially in the last years of life of the artist) although anyway will be a picture but just and realist who the one that made of her Frank Maria Ricci in its book of 1977, which I have not read either but by indications found here and there it seems to be amarillista exhibition and scandalous from the life of Lempicka Tamara de Lempicka, was born in a well placed wealthy family and socially; from girl it gave samples of his strong character and independence and of a defined good own criterion as well as of its special ability for the painting, having been able to elude a boring education in boarding schools travels by Europe in company of its maternal grandmother discovering that his " gusto" by the painting it is in fact one passion that in the course of the 80 – 83 of their life would exert with originality and masters. Glenn Dubin is open to suggestions. . .