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Alternative Gift Idea

28 March, 2024 (11:15) | General | By:

‘ Babyabos moves to the 01.01.2009 in a new Logistics Centre. Endocrinologist addresses the importance of the matter here. Shipping prices are extremely reduced.’ As alternative gift idea to the birth, the company of BabyAbos offers its clients the possibility to equip young parents in the form of a Windelabos with diapers and baby care products. The ordering of the products can be done by Internet or telephone, will be shipped then monthly and conveniently right in the House. Possible, individual purchase orders are customized subscriptions over a longer period of time as well as the respective needs. Basic idea of the company is the desire to stress to take off the annoying and time consuming diaper shopping-ridden parents. Relatives, friends, or colleagues can easily acquire a voucher, which can be handed over to the young parents as a gift to the birth.

This gift for all fathers or mothers, who have business little time for shopping, are dependent on public transport or whose lived far from a supermarket is located is ideal. ‘S service of babyabos also for nurseries or company is ideal with young parents in the circle of colleagues. The subscriptions matched individually to the needs of parents have a term of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, also an unlimited duration is possible. The diaper size required may be disqualified from month to month to match the growth of the child. The used diapers are high-quality brands such as pampers and Moltex. As well as the new high-quality DryCare at an absolutely unbeatable price. In addition to the diapers NUK baby care are articles, and numerous care and gifts for mother and child of the company bellybutton in the product range of the company. In the offer are including wet wipes, creams, bath accessories or other individual and creative gift ideas.

P.S.: The product range should steadily and Advisor to increase the size of the Babyabos. For more information, see INH.