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Developing Memory

8 February, 2016 (00:26) | General | By:

Many people at some point in their lives realize that all their actions are highly dependent on the level of intellect they possess. Memory it is the intellect. Memory is a matter of fact – EVERYTHING! All that you know how, do you know, think. If would not be remembered as a process, then people would not be able to walk, run, jump, read, let alone the more complex activities like juggling, guessing puzzles and so on. Through the process of memory, you are now reading this article.

And I want you obradyvat memory equally good at all. Except for people who have had physical brain injury or severe illness. So when you next time you hear yourself or say, ‘I have a bad memory ‘, then you will know that it is not. Incidentally, such a negative belief can act as a self-fulfilling prophecy and, instead of thinking how to better remember information, or to pay more attention to it, man believes that he still poorly and does nothing. So, as with the memory process, we figured out a little …

Still, the question remains: ‘How better to remember the information?? ” To do this, there are many different techniques and methods. There is a whole ‘Science’ – Mnemonics. Mnemonics – a set of special techniques and methods to facilitate the memorization of information. Through these methods and techniques can increase the speed and quality of memorization. For example, there mnemonic poems or techniques for memorizing words. There are also special techniques to memorize foreign language and numbers. They are all one thing in common – they are initially present any information in the form of images. Except serve – mnemonic poems. They are usually specifically rhyme, making it easier to memorize. Remember the school …. There is also isporlzovalis ways to more quickly memorize information: For example: Every hunter wants to know Where to Sit Pheasant (remembering the rainbow colors on the first letters of words) Or: drive to breathe, to look and see, hold, hear, hate and hurt, and twirl, and depend on and be patient. (Memorizing verbs exceptions) set various poems and such rules were in school. But unfortunately the school did not tell how to memorize numbers, words, people’s names. Otherwise it would all right now could easily remember 20 phone numbers in 10 minutes. So mnemonics lets do it!