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Queen Of The Fields

9 March, 2016 (19:41) | General | By:

Corn, or maize as it is called in many countries, one of the most common crops are cultivated, except in the cold poles. Homeland as it is South America, whence it spread across the continent. Landing this cereal Aztecs, Mayas and the Incas were accompanied by various rituals, which included human sacrifices. Similar customs existed in other tribes. Not for nothing with corn related to the countless myths and legends. According to the Indian version, this plant was established a god and the god of the dawn twilight, united in its creation, a lot of important components: gold, embodying the rich, a drop of milk roe, which adds warmth, badger spine, providing stability. For the force added a drop of blood cougars, for the spirit – a feather from military decoration of a warrior, for eternity – a grain of blue jasper.

And to their creation spared the world threw more and claw hawk. All this is put into a snake-skin and dug into the ground. After a while the hatch first shoots, stretched stalk, the leaves have appeared, among them – through the allotted time – the golden ears. About antiquity of this plant is spoken by many facts. In particular, the study of radioactive methods of wild maize pollen, found in deep water during construction work in Mexico City, showed her a very advanced age – 60 thousands of years. When in 1492 Christopher Columbus set foot on American soil, then received a gift from the local people of two things: tobacco and maize grain which members of his expedition to bring home. So corn came into Europe, and from there to Asia.

On Today it is a herbaceous annual plant of the family of cereal has 9 botanical groups, most of which are cultivated as grain and forage crops. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld may also support this cause. Ears of different varieties vary in size, magnitude, shape and color of the grain structure of the stems. Corn grains contain large amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins A and C and mineral salts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. Therefore, of them make grits, flour, starch, alcohol, oil. Dishes from the maize came into the kitchen in many countries. But above all, the Mexican numbering history and includes 45,000 recipes, which are sometimes used not only grain, but the leaves and pollen this cereal. Not for nothing that the main type of bread there is a bannock made from corn flour – tortillas or tacos, which eat soups, sauces, meats and fish. In addition, she serves as the basis for hundreds of dishes. Corn grain is used for salads, puddings, casseroles, vegetable stew. To do this, take a fresh pre-cooked, canned or frozen corn fastest way. As for flour, then it makes oatmeal meatballs, dumplings pancakes. Go to eat and ears of wax ripeness, cooked in salted water. However, the infamous Nero Wolfe followed a somewhat different opinion: "Refined and cooked in boiling water the young corn is completely edible and useful, but if it is to stick to forty minutes in the deciduous cover in very hot spirits, already cleared the table and lightly salted corn is the real food of the gods. Ingenuity and imagination of a single chef has not established the best dishes. " Try and make sure it is really very tasty.