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Trap More

23 October, 2017 (21:26) | General | By:

What happens with the issue of inflation in the Argentina can compare with those guys who always misbehave and live promising that it will not do more mischief is that there was hope that, after the implementation of new retail price index, inflation thermometer was going to bring at least the actual values of inflation. While the Argentine Government gave to know a monthly increase of the prices of just 0.6 percent, the main private consulting firms reported an estimated increase that more that it doubled the official data to what has happened? Perhaps private analysts have become so little able to one day for each other and are systematically mistaken in the estimates? For the Commerce Secretary Guillermo Moreno, seems to be that there is something, because according to him: real indices are officers, the rest are only speculations of trade journals. When worldwide, food prices are those who more strongly they are growing in Argentina, with the conflict between the Government and the field, which has led to shortages, the monthly increase was of only 0.7%. It is clear, that the category food and beverages, is the key for poverty rates. Why the effort to prevent the prices of them logged hikes that are really taking is understandable. Thus, one located in Argentina, while poverty and indigence rates continue to decline, the street there in more poor and destitute. And it is not, as the Government, justifies a visual illusion or a personal feeling, just go out and see the reality in all provinces. But this is not the unique visual illusion that generated the trap of indexes. This subdeclaracion of true inflation also generates a higher growth of GDP as is this?, the question is simple, and large lines can be said that, due to the fact that these indexes are used to deflate the headings of GDP, everything that is not declared as increase of prices, is declared as increase in the product.