Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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The Professor

3 February, 2022 (18:56) | General | By:

For this integral development also the psicomotora area must be evaluated, the abilities and to the specific practical processes of each domain; in the evaluation of the psicomotor domain the main technique is the comment, therefore it is about activities you practise; they can be informal, they must be used individual fiches of the significant aspects observed in elapsing of the process, or deeds of division using if scales of data in the fiches. Another area to be evaluated is the cognitiva, where it must establish the specific objectives that if that wants to obtain, generalities and, in such a way the professor will have an ample vision of the essential objectives they must be developed in the different levels, without being restricted to the objectives of the cognitiva area. to relate this three areas final evaluation and to search the development integral of the pupil. The fourth part, Techniques used in the pertaining to school evaluation, it shows the technique of the comment, that the professor will use to follow the development of the pupil in all the moments, hindering that ideas preconceived on the capacity and development of each one are formed, identifying its difficulties, and evaluating its performance in the diverse carried through activities. American Hospital Association may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For this it is necessary that the professor registers the comments during all process using them as base to plan the next stage. The comments can be informal, when they had not been programmed, they are important, therefore they happen when the pupils act spontaneously in the daily activities, for its total validity must contain date, situation where he occurred, observed fact, commentary of the observer; formal carried through with a predetermined objective and must be carried through with cientificidade criteria, to have specific objectives, to be planned, to be discriminatory, to have objetividade. They can be registered in anedotrios, classificatrias check-list, scales or cumulative fiches. .