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The Population

23 January, 2014 (02:42) | General | By:

(PICOLI, 2006, P. 37.) With land promises for all the families and creation of agrovilas with all the infra basic structure for this family as schools, ranks of health, commerce attracted for region about 42 a thousand people in few years. However less than 20 habitacionais nuclei they had been created in side of the highway of the Transamaznica what it caused to the occupation of the disordered cities in way without structures necessary families to live them well and to usufruct of its rights with respect to Liveing with dignity with health, education and leisure etc. For who it arrived at the transamaznica with the hope to find everything what it was promised was desgastante, some families when noticing that they did not pass of promises, the reality was a little more suffered from what they imagined, had returned from where they had come northeast and south of the Country, other people however without none another option had firmed housings here although all the found difficulty, for who had children education was a precariousness, few ranks of health, roads then was the biggest challenge. The INCRA constructed some standardized houses for some families, those that had not been contemplated housings improvised its wood houses and taipas and without or little structure of urbanization. Ahead of this scene here menciando valley to emphasize that diverse groups and Movements if they had firmed and fights in defense of better conditions of lives for the population that were fixing housing here, a time that to speak of worthy housing ahead of this context makes in to reflect and to think them concepts that to take in consideration all these aspects. A time that the cities of the transamaznica have this differential. The housing consists as essence of the individual, in way that without it the worthy existence of other rights, as the right to the life and the proper freedom, is not exerted satisfactory and full.