Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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17 June, 2012 (08:01) | General | By:

Of all the systems organic, the heart and the circulation represent the enigma most difficult of being decifrado4. The condition is genetically transmissible with a dominant autossmico standard. Studies point that currently the number of deaths due to immediate lack of aid still is considerable, since, an individual in crisis the socorrista must itself immediately not perceiving pulse to initiate cardiac massage until the meeting with the medical team so that the patient if reestabelea and is taken the had ones provides for its treatment. This study it will contribute with new knowledge on this pathology, having assisted possible socorristas that will be able to contribute for supervened of patients in crisis. The interest in searching regarding the Syndrome of Brugada appeared when living deeply and to rare follow a case of survival and its evolution in period of training field, where it will be detached how much to the aspects, diagnosis, treatment and clinical evolution of a patient with Syndrome of Brugada. Methodology Is about a story of case where the theoretical question describes at first moment, following later of a case story lived deeply by the authors. Story of the case During the academic experience, was carried through a study of case of patient A.F.A.O, masculine sex, white color, 25 years, driver, bachelor, sedentary and of low purchasing power.

The patient presented convulsive crisis and sequentemente a cardiorrespiratria stop, the socorrista not perceiving pulse, initiated the cardiac massage immediately waits in it of the medical team, having success in the reanimao. In accordance with the patient, it frequent presents right otitis, epigastralgia 0ccasionally, sncope has 12 years and absence of illness of chagas, diabetes, rheumatic, dislipidemia fever, allergy, hemotransfuso and vices, denies to be making medication use. It was submitted to a surgery of mastide right has some years. Patient can present predisposition to the Syndrome of Brugada for possessing familiar antecedents with description related to the death sudden.