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Science Marital Coexistence

5 February, 2017 (15:18) | General | By:

Is it enough simply to approach or to build a relationship? You think this question is weird, because most importantly it is boundless love, and everything else is not important? In fact, the case is far from it, and the question is deep understanding of its importance, and conscious of his study – a pledge a long life together. Let the first six months of your life together will be no trial, and training a marriage in which your co-creativity could be construction of family relationships. * Usually no one builds: met, fell in love, he told her declaration of love, they married – and now live, as it turns. Most often the relationship really add up themselves, unconsciously and spontaneously, and this is usually greater than the contribution of women. Why? Firstly, because it is her feminine style relations. * This is a vague and moving style. What was "yes" a moment ago, two minutes can become a "maybe", and right "No." Men's style – a simple, clear, precise, specific, but often too straight and harsh. Second, because women are more capable in principle of the world relations.

* Men may well think, but relationships need a lot of sense. And where he does not understand, the woman feels all that is necessary, and leads to where it should be. Therefore, women's way in the relationship – the way feelings, sometimes called "the path of the heart, the way of natural or as if spontaneously, when everything goes without shall discuss, as if by itself.