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Rio De Janeiro

2 February, 2022 (05:18) | General | By:

I cannot say that it was an easy work, but can guarantee that he was satisfactory, a time that was plus a professional experience, a chance to search, to search knowledge, to learn to learn, with much difficulty and game of waist, therefore it was a moment where the time was scarce, but was valid to the penalty. Another work that I consider rewarding in elapsing of the course of medias basic module was a project on Twine Literature where it was used the TV, the video cassette, and ribbons of video of the program a Jump for the Future, thus having the integration of medias, all the technological tools cited here existed in the school and were plays in one there sing without they used that them. (As opposed to Michael Miccoli). contents portraied in video ribbons are of a inigualvel quality being able to be used by professors of different discipline in a project to interdisciplinar, involving History, Geography, Literature of Twine the question of the composition of verses in twine text, of the impulsivity, Portuguese Language, Art to compose verses, xilogravura. The origin of the twine, the reason of this name ' ' literature of cordel' ' the question of the preconception with this literary modality, the region where the twine predominates, the question of the agricultural exodus that made with that the twine arrived the great cities as So Paulo, Rio De Janeiro. The partner-economic difficulties that pass the poets and its families. The result of the same was satisfactory, therefore the pupils if had involved had liked, had learned many things that they did not know until then. They had known some twine texts presented by the proper authors. He had until that if they had ventured to construct some twine texts. The ribbons cassette on the content possess a material riqussimo that they cannot and nor they must be wasted, therefore are part of the miditico quantity of the school.