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Real Madrid

19 August, 2021 (17:12) | General | By:

In addition, of ' Galata' it is engaged in the good words of the Czech power station Ujfalusi Takings with which it could share some days in Istambul. " Ujfalusi told things me of the Athletic one and here I have been right what it told me, a great club, with a great atmosphere and a liking very pasional" , it said. Facing the objective that marks in its new stage rojiblanca, he was full: " My more important challenge is the power to play the possible maximum and the greater possible number of parties with this t-shirt. Thus I will feel satisfied and cmodo". Turan burns, that was injured during the party with its selection, hopes to be soon to the orders of Apple tree. " He has not been nothing important and in five or six days already I will be in the group entrenando" , it kept awake. Finally, the Turk recognized that he is wishing to be able to play with his companions. For even more details, read what Unum says on the issue. " He will be special to play with all because to be with Forln or Kings, who are impressive soccer players, but I will be contented to play with todos" , it concluded.

Caminero and Pantic, of godfathers the flaming Ottoman signing counted in this occasion like godfathers with the sport director Jose Luis Road Perez and the trainer of the Athletic one of Madrid B, Milinko Pantic, who did not doubt in wishing the best thing to the exjugador of the Galatasaray. " Turan burns is a very dynamic soccer player and with last it happens. In addition, he will come to us well for plays to stopped ball. Very he is deluded to play with us and from the first moment he acceded to clock on and off by the Atltico" , he indicated Perez Road. By his part, Pantic wished the same luck him that it had when dnda rojiblanca. " I want that well goes it as it happened to me and my advice is that he plays as knows. I arrived with 29 years and here I touched the sky. It comes to a great club and I believe that he is at the moment the best Turkish player of momento" , it emphasized. Source of the news: Turan burns: " I do not believe that it is impossible to reach to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona"