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Project Healthful Cities

17 February, 2022 (04:26) | General | By:

According to managing of Transmissible and Not Transmissible Illnesses, Regina Figueiredo, the event is being carried through with the intention of oportunizar to the people a moment for the quarrel on the importance of if keeping healthful habits, thus promoting, one better quality of life. You may wish to learn more. If so, B. F. Skinner is the place to go. In the opening of the Week, the participants had attended a lecture on the DANTs? Not Transmissible Doenas and Agravos and alimentary habits of the population, given for the nurse and technique of the Sesau, rian Alves Dos Santos, and had also sanctioned the artistic presentation of the server of the Seduc? State secretariat of education, Iva de Oliveira. In the occasion, were gifts the technician of the Attached I of the Sesau, the Superintendent of Monitoring and Protection to the Health, Erlaene Tedesco, the Director of Transmissible and Not Transmissible Illnesses, Regina Figueiredo and the representative of the Cosems? Advice of Municipal Secretaries of Health, Nilton Cavalcante Valley. The State Week of Quality of Healthful Life was chosen to be carried through in this period for coinciding with other important dates, as the World-wide Day of the Physical Activity, 06 of April and the World-wide Day of the Health, day 07 of April. still, in day 11 of April, commemorates it National Week of Promotion of the Quality of Life, dates instituted for the Health department. The event is an accomplishment of the Sesau by means of the Direction of Transmissible and Not Transmissible Illnesses/Management of the DANTs. The Cities also reveal worried in Defining and Providing Healthful Life to the Population.

FIGUERIA HEALTHFUL CITY Municipal Program that: it intends to contribute of decisive form for the definition and affirmation of the City as a dynamic space of quality, life and quotidiano leisure. gliding and it is constructed to be lived deeply by all, around a new concept of city with quality of life, rentabilizando its natural resources? sea, river, mountain range, field? vulgarizing the practical ones healthful and creating new spaces to live, to work and to visit. it implies the adoption of a government model, seats in a partilhada strategical vision and contratualizada, compromised with the supported development, that assures the participation of the citizens and the local social agents (schools, associations, collectives, clubs, companies). The City of the Figueira of the Estuary adhered to the Association of Cities Portuguese Net of Healthful Cities in March of 2010, data to have as objective the construction of a strategical plan that includes a commitment with the supported local development, seats in healthful politics and articulated with the concepts that base the Project Healthful Cities, nominated the holistic boarding of the health and the importance of the social condicionantes of the health in the improvement of the quality of life. The Figueira Project Healthful City is based on the six principles of the CONCEPT OF HEALTH FOR ALL and on the principles of the OTAWA LETTER and seats in the beginning of communitarian participation. One meets in development phase the elaboration of the PROFILE OF HEALTH OF the CITY and the PLAN OF DEVELOPMENT OF the HEALTH in joint with the Diagnsti