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Oleg Teterin

18 August, 2021 (21:11) | General | By:

Although I would took the same money a couple of sturdy houses. Next, you go into the house. What do you look for: 1. Ceiling 2. Wall 3. floor. And they can tell a lot about former employers, their tastes, lifestyles cozy all this, but not yours. Learn more at: Sam Hazen.

Typically, after purchase all make cosmetic repairs. Why? Well, suddenly discovered that the cabinet had other wallpapers, behind the couch they were gone, and in some places faded. Or maybe you want to change everything in their own way. To feel that there live just you and your tastes and preferences. Now I'm stating a fact. But I do not understand this.

Why should you buy a house more expensive with beautiful rooms, with nearly new wallpapers, neat ceiling and, if lucky, not with the rotten floor. To come and change everything? And do not you think that sellers can use the fact that all buyers get "hooked" on the exterior. You are twice overpay for the house. The first time when you are stripped of that kind of money for the beautiful bungalow, and the second when you realize that everything has to be to finish or redo it. Many buyers are afraid of the lack of a fence and after the first "shock" can not adequately assess the house itself. Of course, the fence – that is more important Do not be scared little things, do not pay attention. Pay attention to what will later publish a round sum – a roof, for example. And yet, the fence you can buy, ask the locals do, and you can build yourself. And cheaper and nicer. Our site has an article on how to make a fence with their hands and many women are frightened and bypass the home in which there is no cosmetic repairs, water and running the site. And in vain! About redecorating, I think, Enough said. Let us examine the presence or absence of water in the house and the overgrown plot. Look carefully where the nearest column, ask the seller how many meters have to pull the pipe to the water was in house. If the owner does not know (which by definition should not be), then he can tell a man who knows and can even help you. The average price for 1 meter of digging and laying of 500 rubles. Derelict land – it is certainly not a plus. But, I think all fixable. In the villages, know as many ways as to refine the ground. Ask the locals, at the same time and get acquainted. I am sure that in every village there is a tractor, I think he can you anything to help. Just think how nice show your guests a lush garden, in the long winter evenings with a cup of tea, remember how you planted this bush blackberry, the fruit of which you are now eating jam. Imagine the pleasure to drive hundreds of miles in their country house. In our life, everything should be fun. I wish you not to be distracted by little things, most importantly, to place it to the soul. And when the soul is resting, then working a double pleasure. Successful acquisitions of you! Author of the article, Oleg Teterin.