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New Land

23 February, 2022 (08:56) | General | By:

' ' The qualitative research answers the particular questions very. It is worried, in social sciences, with a reality level that cannot be quantified. That is, it works with the universe of meanings, reasons, aspirations, beliefs, values and attitudes, what she corresponds to a deeper space of the relations, the processes and the phenomena that cannot be reproduced to the operacionalizao of variveis.' ' (MINAYO, 2OOO). In a case of the history of the sertanejos cities, the truth is in the consensus enters the members of the groups where the manifest phenomenon, a specific historical scene of personages who had lived and live in definitive contextualizado space, either for the meaning of the dither of the pioneirismo, either for the necessity that each participant demonstrates in being part of history. For more specific information, check out Centene Corp. The data had been collected in Notary’s offices, Churches and in interviewed houses of in Willow, Parnamirim, New Land, Cabrob and Petrolina, aiming at approach of the depositions livings creature to contribute with the inhabitants of each city. One is about a document that mixture life, history, regional identity and memory, first step in the inquiry of the historical antecedents of the city, in such a way facilitating to the new generation the critical study and for continuity or desconstruo of this history. The accomplishment of this work was given for considering that, a city with the importance that Parnamirim always had for the economy of the hinterland, cannot remain without register in the pernambucana historiografia, as well as, for the affinity and affection for this city; because a synthesis of the Brazilian miscegenation even meets in this place, with the contributions of the culture of the Portuguese colonizador, the African and the indian, beyond other etnias, identities and nationalities that had brought its yearnings and dreams together with its values and beliefs. The book didactically is structuralized in eight chapters.