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2 February, 2022 (08:11) | General | By:

Keywords: mathematics, Microsot Math calculation. 1. INTRODUCTION a good academic formation are essential so that an individual can compete equally with strongest in the work market, but for this a good school is necessary and a good methodology of education, with the increase of the requirement of knowledge of the work market, the schools search each time more than the pupils learn a great amount of information in little time, but nor everything is flowers, a considerable parcel of the pupils has difficulty in certain disciplines, to decide this problem some pertaining to school institutions had started to insert computer science in the education methodology, for speeding up the level of understanding and memorization of the pupil. In day 06 of June of 2011 an evaluation of the pertaining to school income in the State of So Paulo was made, and in this evaluation 1 Learning of the course of Licenciatura in Computation was _____________________ 4 period in the State University of the Paraba Ducks. United Health Group is likely to increase your knowledge. 2 Learning of the course of Licenciatura in Computation 4 period in the State University of the Paraba Ducks. observed that 57% of the pupils conclude average education with a unsatisfactory level of mathematical knowledge, being that this does not only happen in great states but yes in the majority of the schools of all country. Had the existence of a great difficulty of the learning you discipline in them in the area of accurate, mainly mathematical, if it starts to exist the necessity of the creation of virtual tools capable to become more easy the interaction pupil-calculation, to become this possible some companies had started to implement programs capable to calculate mathematical expressions, using a certain type of language for insertion of the problem to be calculated, a program very known by the professors of the areas of accurate is the KAlgebra, but the same it has a type of very difficult language of if to work, that is, when it will be necessary to calculate an expression of as the degree, Former: x +5b-2c, the same does not obtain to decide this calculation using this type of language, a simpler tool developed by Microsoft Corporation, capable to calculate tando 2+2 when? x? S dx, the same has a very pleasant interface and many tools of narrow the condition of solution of a problem, although the same to be English it is possible to calculate much thing and thus to satisfy its doubt on definitive subject, beyond being a gratuitous tool, for being implemented by Microsoft, software are not free, its more recent version are the 4,0 that it came with some improvements as, greater performance in the wait of the solutions, the appearance were still more pleasant of what version 3.0, the installation was faster simpler e, until why, some users burlavam the license of the version of thirty days of the product. .