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12 November, 2017 (10:18) | General | By:

The marriage souvenirs most traditional are the good married that are offered the guests. Another type of souvenirs of traditional marriage are petty cashes of decorated candy almonds, that are another tradition-supestio of marriage. It has some traditions that explain the meaning of almonds, one of them, of the beginning of century XIII, affirms that Five almonds decorated candy packed in one weaveeed noble, representing fertility, longevity, health, wealth and happiness to the new couple. Already the Italian tradition affirms that, five distribution represents five desires for the life of the fiancs: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Another variation of traditional or more common souvenirs cakes packed in individual boxes of plastic or acrylic are mini. Already the differentiated souvenirs more go to depend on the type of marriage and style of the couple. For example, for a eastern marriage, differentiated souvenirs are hashis in packings of origami (folding of paper); for couples that want to send to a playful atmosphere and vintage, to distribute between the guests as souvenirs, monculos, plastic parts, that inside a chromium (semitransparent photograph) of the couple has. Other ideas of souvenirs for more unusual marriages are: for eastern marriages, biscuits of the luck with messages; for the exotricos couples, bundles with incense and pratinho to light them; personalized slippers, invited to use them in the party. For the couple that will make party in another locality, where the guests will have that to dislocate themselves and to be in hotels, can be bolar one mini kit of trip with minis shampoo, conditioner and sabonete and be distributed in the rooms of the guests; for the romantic couples, to mount a compact disc with the sonorous track that was part of the life of the couple, or that it was sonorous track of the marriage party, to presentear the guests. The ideas are many for lembracinhas for marriage. Which of these is its preferred one?