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Human Consumption

25 January, 2014 (03:48) | General | By:

Introduction the water is indispensable a natural resources the maintenance of the life in the Land a time that participates of diverse chemical and biological reactions, is solvent a universal one, beyond constituting about 75% of the substance in organisms livings creature and approximately occupying T of the surface of the planet. The Land has 1,4 billion cubical kilometers of water. Although the abundant superiority of the water in the planet, only approximately, 3% of all available water is proper for human consumption. The concerns how much to the quality, contamination of waters and maintenance of the hdricos resources they assume importance to the measure that the water destined to when not potable the human consumption, that is, contaminated of some form for harmful pathogenic agents, can display the risks the public health, being important a half one of transmission of some illnesses. The levels of quality of water are directly proportional the efficiency of the system of basic sanitation and closely they are related to the standard of awareness of the populations. In if treating to populations that do not have access to a system of adjusted basic sanitation, the treatment with the water of human consumption lacks of special attention, a time that practical domiciliary incorrect in the handling of the water of human consumption can at risk place the health of its users..