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Heureca Theater

25 February, 2022 (18:33) | General | By:

' ' Pobrezinho of the duckling, does not call it ugly not! ' ' Stories of fairies suitable and directed by Josimar Alves, in a releitura of stories: The Cinderela, the Beautiful and the Fera and the Ugly Duckling, seven clowns if find and start to play. Each one wants to play of a different thing until they enter in agreement and they go to play to count historinhas. The clowns live deeply these histories with capers, rolamentos and several other circus domnios. The children fall in the laugh, protest what they do not like and they applaud what more they like. thus leaves satisfied with what they had attended and always wants to come back to review the spectacle. This amused assembly is repleta of exclusive musics. It was a work created for the Group of Heureca Theater partner of the SESI of the Paraba, in the year of 2005, to be represented in Palco the Italian having been able to adapt for any space, being foreseen proximity and participation of the public. He is lamentable that this type of work elaborated with many glad colors, coreografados movements to enchant, with musicalidade and gostoso rhythm to the ears of attends who it, satisfactory in its content so rich of imagination, and not apelativo in its construction, has been private of our children for the parents who allege to be unprovided of time, but beyond depriving of the heat efervescente of the imaginary one in the theater, they still deprive of a good reading that is a trip for the imaginary universe of many worlds, Carlos Drummond, already he brought this concern in 74: That I would ask for to the school, if they did not lack pedagogical lights to me, was to consider the poetry as first direct vision of the things and, later, as vehicle of practical and theoretical information, preserving, in each pupil, the deep one magician, playful, intuitivo and creative, who if identifies basically with poetical sensitivity.