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Espirito Santo

5 January, 2013 (10:10) | General | By:

' ' Who will be able to understand, compreenda' ' (Mateus 19, 10-12). Now I ask why to all the shepherds if they marry? all former, former is drugged, former ones vitiated, former outlaw, former gay, former some thing but it does not have a shepherd or evanglico that is former happy, former love, former person, former human being, former goodness is all former nastiness, and still they want to represent God. How much musics: Please, musics for the musicians leave, these evanglicas musics are ridicule, take the name of mine Mr. Deus in go, are alone speaking in a salvation that God promised, are as if God did not exist at the present moment always is a God of promise for the future, stops with this nonsense of vender CDs on behalf of God, please, does not make this, the letters of musics only speaks of pain, darknesses, suffering, please, the God who I serve I am the God of the love, God of the mercy, God of the passion, God of the children, God of pureness, Gods of the pardon, Gods of the happiness, Gods of the Universe, the God of the bible this impious God and that it only has children rendered unhappy in illnesses and poverty, do not stop with this, please. Without counting the musical quality that is very bad, please, to become a music for God we must have dom of Espirito Santo and to praise ours Mr. Deus and with all certainty of the world the Spirit of God would not touch a person to write a Lining or one funk, has patience everything has limits.

Ridicule arrives accumulates at it of Missionary R.R Soares to ask for tues following to applaud our Sacred Mr. Jesus Christ all moment and still it calls its seita Show. How much to the miracles and I deal: The evanglicas churches leave the name of God played to ridicule with false miracles, I always see the people to comment that in such evanglica church the people had been cured of the cancer and days later the person who was with cancer she dies, she comes a shepherd with expensive greater of wood and says there that it was lack of faith of the person, my God, when a miracle is consecrated if it becomes fact and it does not have as to prove, to only accept, the hypocritical shepherds catch a person with cancer in the bone of the leg and say you this cured on behalf of god and ask for coitado to run it and there the face dies why it made I strengthen and to say it comes me that it did not have faith, this FOOT murder, is a form to manipulate the desperation situation of the people, I saw the shepherd to affirm that such person was cured and vi the person in the velrio weeks later, and its death if gave to the effort therefore the same one believed this false miracle, this is crime, to manipulate a person to pull the trigger of one to dig is the same that you yourselves to pull is crime, 90% of the shepherds in my conception of behavior and moral is murderous liabilities, kills the people when using them and with certainty God the true God goes to charge this of them.