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Equality Disability

4 March, 2022 (20:33) | General | By:

I hope sitting, upset and tired of going through a situation so absurd and ridiculous that it becomes repetitive and exhausting, Apor end! Apparently an agreement was reached, I opened the car door and helps me get off we went to the mall. I do not know the questions during the discussion, use the disabled parking spaces can become a problem when your disability is fluctuating, this is the case of Parkinson’s disease, with only 39 years this disease causes stiffness in me one side of my body, but only at certain times, when I keep the medicine I can move without any problem, but I was exhausted long distances and the passage of hours, I lose my mobility and I can not walk, the staff served me support but not enough I need someone else to help me navigate and is at this point that my disability is recognized.

Unfortunately the media have created a tragic and pathetic picture of people with disabilities, we have in the role of victims in situations of helplessness and vulnerability. If you would like to know more about Celina Dubin, then click here. The society limits us to this view, we are socially excluded. Of course we belong to a vulnerable group where lack of laws and regulations that will suit your needs we have limited and excluded from certain sectors such as employment, education among others. But this situation has been created by the inability of the system by not considering human diversity and seek to standardize and avoid the plurality. But enough can not use the picture of compassion as a symbol of disability, the media will paint a picture of suffering, pain and despair, And who wants to live with a disabled person if the exhibit as a burden? as a person who requires assistance at all times.