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24 August, 2021 (04:33) | General | By:

Such interests produced an image distorted of the call preservation, therefore, any proposal that restricted its activities had as intention to limit the development of its country. These defended that the future of its native land depended on workmanships whose development harmed the environment. The interest biggest that was in game was the consumption stimulated mainly for the capitalist system of production. The fashion of the consumerism dictated for the globalization of the economy, where the great ones you harness, as America, Germany, England, among others, was worried more and more in conquering market to expand its products and industries. This process passed a development idea, where the people to demonstrate happiness, had that to consume or to use, each practical and useful time more, products or services with the slogan of improvement in the quality of life, without one had attention to the ecologically correct development.

influenced by this false search of quality of life, produced, developed of disordered form without the well-taken care of minimum with the way and its resources. The result of this everything, is what if it can verify today, the threatening and increasing ambient degradation, as the effect greenhouse causing the increase of the temperature in all land, rise of the level of the sea, acid rains, the poisoning of lakes, ground, vegetation, the hole in the ozone layer, rise of the incidence of radiations ultraviolet, placing at risk the life in our planet. Read additional details here: Jack Salzwedel. The badly evident greater in this process is the associated idea the preservation of the environment I accumulate and it of wealth; not necessarily between that one and the development, therefore development does not become with accumulated of wealth of ones and misery and poverty of others. Development is in the truth what it really brings happiness and quality of life for its people or nation and will not have happiness that people or nation who will have its destroyed bushes, its modified landscape and its corrupted health.