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Culture Social

9 February, 2022 (08:18) | General | By:

Such alterations would have to reflect a significant reduction in these differences that mark the relationship man-woman, however, are not this well who happens, also because the proper women are unaware of the rights that they had acquired throughout the years and they finish for reproducing the paper that the society and its friends impose to it. Although currently the woman to represent constant presence as force of work and in the public world, still observes a peculiar social distribution of the violence, that reflects the traditional division of the spaces: the man is victim of the violence in the public sphere, to the step that the woman is attacked in its proper house, generally for its partner. (GIFFIN, 1994) This patriarcal culture normally is reproduced inside of the familiar nuclei, therefore the family as a social institution, was constructed throughout history and of the culture, being then its organization values determined for the society. Thus, as diverse social organizations with its specific values exist, exist for each society, a form of familiar organization. Soon, the values, behaviors and attitudes of this, will be transferred to the individuals that develop themselves there, influencing the construction of the personality of the same ones. Of this form, considering itself it family as the first environment of socialization of the individuals, becomes of basic importance the agreement of this space and the relations that if give in its interior. Families marked for use of violence as form to impose authority, either to children or to friend, lead these serious consequences of forms varied, therefore education can in such a way to transmit to women that teaches them to be passive and obedient aggressions, as it can teach to the children of the masculine sex that they ahead possess an authority and a power of the women, as if they were a race superior, making, for this, use of violence. .