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Cedar Health Siberia

5 May, 2017 (10:33) | General | By:

Ringing Cedars of Siberia give health as a person seeks to convey all the best for their children. so a giant Siberian forest – Siberian cedar puts all the best in their seeds – pine nuts. It turns out that each nut cedar cones contains a huge potential of a powerful tree that lives up to 800 years. This fills the pine nuts and products made of cedar, not only with essential vitamins and trace elements, but also special energy. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld: the source for more info. Ringing Cedars – the so-called trees, these generously filled with the energy of love and kindness. Most prized cedar oil, which anciently was considered a remedy for a hundred diseases. Pine nuts are used for making cedar oil, have excellent environmental cleanliness, as places of growth of Siberian cedar is not treated with chemicals, it grows in the wild. Use cedar oil lies not only in environmental safety, but also in the high content of vitamins, lecithin and other natural antioxidants.

These substances are needed to protect cell membranes from damage associated with aging, environment, eating disorders, emotions and stress. The greater the percentage of lecithin in the cells, the greater the strength and health in humans, improving the work of the senses, the world begins to play with new colors. But this chemical side of things, but on a more subtle level, we can say that applying cedar oil, we begin to live in harmony with the surrounding world and we can fully address their basic living tasks. The energy of the Siberian cedar very well contribute to the disclosure of internal capacity and develop hidden talents. Also, cedar oil is an excellent natural cosmetics, which is applied to the skin for a long time stay young and full of health. In addition to cedar oil Siberian cedar gives us and other products made of cedar. Primarily, this sap from pine and cedar oil cake. As well as the manufacture of oil, the entire production of cedar is largely dependent on the method of its preparation. For example, pine oleoresin (pitch pine) should be extracted only from those trees that are ready to give themselves the resin, otherwise it will lose most of their medicinal properties.

Therefore, when choosing products from cedar is important to give preference to the manufacturer, you can trust and who respects the Siberian cedar, understands its importance to mankind, not just extracts the maximum economic benefit for themselves. It is important that manufacturers understand the meaning of “ringing cedars”, could see the trees through the eyes of our ancestors, to feel some of them are ready to share his inexhaustible energy. The company “Happy House” offers products made of cedar, made just such a producer. Buy products made of cedar, you can in our “cedar bench.” Cedar oil, which we propose has the taste of fresh pine nuts, as produced by special technology, fully preserving the healing properties of cedar.