Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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13 September, 2018 (14:48) | General | By:

Exchange of messages saw cellular, many times if they display more than what they must. Some cases, become difficult to identify (s) the aggressive one (s), what it increases the impotence sensation. The messages can be sent by email vary it people at the same time, in the case of photos are seen by as many people that many times some the victim nor know. Aramis Lopes, we calls attention for some important facts, has three basic personages in this type of violence: the aggressor, the victim and the auditorium. VICTIM: she suffers every day with exposition of its image, having cases so serious that they arrive to lead to the suicide, adolescents who had been attacked run the risk to be adult anxious, depressive and the worse one of all violent reproducing in its relationships, the moments lived in the pertaining to school environment. Educate yourself with thoughts from fracking colorado. AGGRESSOR: many times only comment bullying to be popular in the school, to feel themselves powerful, to get good image. Normally, it keeps this behavior per long years, many times, when adult, it continues depreciating the others to call the attention.

' ' the aggressor as well as the victim, has difficulties to leave its paper and to retake forgotten values or to form novos.' ' The specialist explains. SPECTATOR: almost never recognized as participant personage of the aggression, the spectator is witness of the occurred facts, however, he does not leave in defense the together victim and nor if the aggressor, this passive attitude occurs, therefore, they have fear to be the next targets or due to initiative to take left. Some times finish yes, passing of mere spectators the aggressors because they perceive that it does not have no punishment for that they comment, or if they become targets for being close or next to the victim. ' ' the violence generates the violence; the love only constructs for eternidade' ' (CARDOSO, 1967, p.39) Specialist in bullying and cyberbullying and president of the Scientific Department of Security of the Child and the Adolescent of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.