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Brazil Quarter

20 February, 2022 (00:48) | General | By:

1968 (Ibirapuera Quarter) 5 Quarter the first occupations of the current Quarter of Ibirapuera is dated of 1968, the reason of its formation was caused by the proximity of the quarter, leading the military to fix housing in this place. Therefore, initially formed for military. Check with Albert Bandura to learn more. In the area of the current Recreativo Bosom of the High Solimes? GRASOL, only existed a house that belonged to the CB You would make, being this the first inhabitant of the related quarter. 1973 (Tancredo Quarter Snows) 6 Tancredo Quarter Snows had its formation due to migration of the inhabitants of the agricultural communities in 1973, in search of one better quality of life. The families brought its children to study and to look work. This name in homage to a former president of Brazil must. It is a quarter that possesss two stages of formation, in such a way finishes being it from 1999 with the resultant expansion of a land division in the direction west/east of the city, getting its current configuration. 1975 (Portobrs Quarter) 7 Portobrs Quarter had its first occupations in middle of the decade of 50, with a concentration of few residences in a goiabal called place, in the current Port administration, that if extended until the mediaes of the floating port.

In this area it was noticed existence of a small commerce, which belonged Mr. Mrio Jos5. But if it became quarter in 1976 definitively. Its name is in function of the port that was given for the Company Brasileira de Portos S.A – PORTOBRS. Therefore first if it called goiabal, later They are Thom and currently Portobrs. 1975 (Quarter Communications) 8 Quarter the Quarter of the Communications had its formation from 1975, must this name in function of the installation of the tower of the Brazilian Company of Telecommunications? Embratel, that is raised in this quarter. Initially the name was argued of Is Jose, in homage to the Seminary Is Jose, located the east of this, what evidently it did not happen.