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You To Lose Weight, What’s Next ?

5 December, 2012 (13:37) | General | By:

So summer is over, in the words of an old song. Many have already returned from vacation, almost svelte and refreshed. A nose again Winter, a sedentary lifestyle with a few exceptions, the long winter evenings in front of TV or in a cafe. Pounds will inevitably return, and we, especially women, begin to lose heart on this issue. Let's get to your weight problems. Is there any problem. Everyone is familiar with concepts such as hereditary predisposition to excess weight? And what is considered normal weight, and more than what? How does the weight with age? These issues are somehow not detain the attention of many.

Quite wrong, my dear! For medical reasons, normal weight (in a simplified review) – this is your height minus 100. Considered. If you are between 25 and 30 and you are my mother, plus 2-3kg, if you are between 35 and 40 years old and gave birth to two or three times, then the plus 3-4 kg. After 40 years, every 5 years, genetically weight, according to program embedded in your gene-code is increased by 5 kg, provided that you are healthy. This anthropology of man, it has not been canceled! You – not the actress of ballet, not TV presenter, not an athlete who is required to comply optimal weight of a purely professional. You – the ordinary people with their pros and cons, joys and foibles. Why would you want to lose weight, as a neighbor or colleague. You have different physiological and anthropological indicators.