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Useful Information About The Netherlands

22 February, 2014 (04:26) | General | By:

To say that Amsterdam attracts a terrific climate is impossible. The average temperature in July and August does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius and in winter never goes below zero. In addition, the city of Amsterdam boasts frequent rain and fog. However, do not hurry to pay attention to other countries and cities. In Amsterdam, there is something you will not see anywhere else in town.

A bit of history Amsterdam – the capital of the State of the Netherlands. Supposedly the city was founded in 1275 by two fishermen, to be precise it was a village in a swamp along the river Amstel. Since the river often overflowed and flooded the house, was built dam. And received the name of Amsterdam. From the word "dyke" and "Amstel" – the name of a river.

And in the 17 th century Amsterdam became the largest port and biggest shopping center in the world. Today, Amsterdam is cut system of artificial canals which are connected with each other 70 islands and 600 bridges. Believe that the number and width of the channels of the city of Amsterdam than even Venice. Maybe Amsterdam exceed Venice, not only on the number of bridges, but also the beauty of the city? Amsterdam and its attractions in the area Red Light District is the church Oude Kerk, which was built in honor of the saint Nicholas. Parishioners believed that he patronizes seamanship and mariners, which brings to the present day Amsterdam big profit. Worth looking into Amsterdam and the National Art Gallery. It was founded in 1800. Here you can admire paintings by Rembrandt and paintings by other great artists. Real works of architectural art Amsterdam is also a new church, the Bridge Blauwbrug, the Royal Palace and other buildings. Well, of course, street red light. In fact, it differs unusual architecture, because it is located in the old part of town. But it's worth noting, is famous for her sex shopami, prostitutes, and shops where they sell drugs, etc. Surprisingly, both combined in Amsterdam, high culture and social vices. So do not be surprised if you see a that the streets along with the usual for us a couple of lovers walking people of untraditional sexual orientation. Visa regime moved to Amsterdam only if you have a visa to the State of the Netherlands. When a visa You'll need several documents: 1. Passport. 2. Color photos (3,5 to 4,5) – 2 pcs. 3. A copy of pages of a Russian passport. 4. Help with work indicating the positions and wages. 5. Bank document confirming that you have there are at least 50 euros per night to stay in the Netherlands. 6. Invitation. The visa is issued to the Netherlands for about a week. so if you decide to go to Amsterdam, then take your time. You are waiting for many adventures and an unforgettable experience in the country of absolute freedom!