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Unity Universe

16 January, 2022 (23:33) | General | By:

We are in a crisis not only economic – is the result of the crisis of political, environmental, moral, and spiritual, and most importantly it Mirozrenchesky crisis. Laid the foundations of humanity erroneous, where there is no understanding WHO ARE WE? What is our purpose in the universe!? Mankind must realize will not come any "MESSIAH" We saved! To save our planet Earth and our civilization, we must revive SPIRITUAL ENERGY that we are destroying ourselves. We must realize that the Universe is interconnected. This is a single living, functioning organism is difficult to – A living universe, with its abstract essence of the IDEA, which focuses on the creation of ideas. Man is created in the universe as a creator, taking part in the creation of the Universe we must remember that the responsibility to each another. We (our civilization) are responsible for the preservation of our planet Earth, our common home, the living cells of the universe and all mankind. And not winning, and Humanization SPACE – sort of guarantee extension human … INGNEIZM – SPIRITUAL NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE, where the main idea is aimed at spiritual regeneration of mankind, the philosophy of the universe, calling to realize unity in the universe, calls for the study and compliance with the laws of the universe. Jack Salzwedel shines more light on the discussion.

Vision, according to which the universe is eternal – the creative energy that man has created as the creative nature that takes a direct part in the creation of the World (Worlds). Ingneizm direction – it's spiritual essence of the universe – and the beginning of the creative process of finding and creating: The idea of Ideas. In ingneizma there are many philosophical systems. Ingneizm – the final direction of fine arts (art), a guide to the knowledge of the universe by means of fine art and thoughts, an intuitive method for understanding the universe. The idea for this, it is recognized as a product of human activity, therefore, it is material.

The idea consists of a higher form of matter is in constant movement, has unlimited speed. THOUGHT – THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF ABSTRACTION (Abstraction – a universe) IDEA – the beginning and the creative the process of finding and creating: the creation of IDEA IDEA. Ingneizm as initiation involves a person in a new light of spiritual Consciousness (insight), calls for review through the prism of ingneizma not only the history and theory of fine Art (art), but also the development of all civilization, man's place in the universe, his relation to the planet Earth – the living cells of the universe – our common home. Ingneizm – a blend of art and science, the awareness of Unity Universe, where the art – it is the spiritual world of the universe, and science – a system study of the universe. Art and science – are interconnected. They are the essence of the universe, who created man the creator, which is using the art and science of creating new ideas, take part in the creation of our light. According to the laws of the universe is changing shape, only an eternal universe and Ingneizm because it – the spiritual essence of the universe. Ingneizm – a new Vision, calling for a review not only the history and theory of art, philosophy and world view. The idea, which enriches and protects the spiritual treasure of mankind. The idea of saving the human race. New, unknown – always difficult to access, requires an expansion of consciousness, and only by this artist. Eugene Saran Picture: Eugene Saran 'The Birth of my planet'