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Flowcharts help in understanding of the operation of the control structures (if, while). The advantage of using an algorithm is that independent mind of a programming language, can it be constructed as at the time to code it can be made in any language. These diagrams are constructed using certain symbols of special use such as rectangles, diamonds, ovals, and small circles, these symbols are now connected by arrows, known as flow lines. These symbols will be detailed below. Name symbol function Terminal represents the beginning and end of a program. You can also represent a stop or perform scheduled interruption that is necessary in a program. Input / output any kind of introduction of data in memory from peripherals or registration of information processed in a peripheral.

Process any operation that may lead to change in value, format or position of the information stored in memory, arithmetic, transformations, etc. Decision indicates logical or comparison data operations (usually two) and depending on the result of the same determined (normally if and not) which of the various alternative ways of the program must be same connector page serves to bind two parties any of a diagram through a connector to another connector in the input and the output. Refers to the connection in the same page of the direction indicator diagram or flow line indicates the direction of the execution of the output operations is sometimes used instead of the symbol in output. The drawing represents a piece of sheet. It is used to display data or results. US warns in addition, keep in mind the rules of flowcharts namely: should indicate clearly where it starts and where it ends the diagram.

Any path of the diagram should always take you to the terminal end. Organize the symbols that follow visually flow from the top down and from left to right. Do not use language programming within symbols. Center diagram on the page. Lines must be vertical or horizontal, never diagonal. Conclusion: Ultimately, as someone mentioned, when you develop the diagrams of flujoson a valuable tool for the improvement of processes, allow detecting activities that add value and those that are redundant or unnecessary. They are also very useful during the development of documentation management systems, because they provide a description of the processes and a detail of operations much more friendly than the procedures and instructions based on text. For his development and description of its activities one is can avail of symbols that detail, well-known universal symbols.