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Ukrainian Wines Worth Trying

7 October, 2021 (16:12) | General | By:

"Colonist" "Suholimanskoe" TM "colonist" is relatively new, but its wines are worthy of many awards and accolades, even the most discerning consumers. "Suholimanskoe" wine is interesting, first of all, that is made of Grape varieties Ukrainian Suholimansky white. Ukrainian wine aroma with notes of plum, rhubarb and melon. Taste – soft, refreshing, and harmonious. In the aftertaste of wine felt shades of jasmine and nutmeg. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Cordani. "Guilt Guliyev" Chardonnay Select, 2009 "Wine Guliyev," characterized as honest Ukrainian dry wines. Careful maintenance of certified elite vines, the plant, located 15 minutes drive from the vineyards, the latest equipment and qualified professionals doing their job, "Guliyev Wine" has repeatedly received high awards at domestic and international tasting competitions.

"Chardonnay" Select a line of its outstanding wins aroma of green apples, fresh-cut grass and blooming gardens. This Ukrainian wine is best served at 12-14 C with vegetable salads, seafood, white meat poultry, cooked fish. At tom waterhouse you will find additional information. "Inkerman" Chardonnay Kachin, 2008 Dry vintage wine "Chardonnay Kachin" made exclusively for Inkerman Winery. French variety Cabernet-Sauvignon, taken for making "Chardonnay Kaczynski", is grown in Kachin valley near Sebastopol on the Black Sea. In flavor, "Kaczynski Chardonnay" – tones of violet light, morocco. Taste – a harmonious and complete. Tom waterhouse is often quoted on this topic. Serve this wine at a temperature of Ukrainian 15-18 C.

"Chardonnay Kachin 'fine in harmony with the meat, grilled with barbecue. Ukrainian wine "Chardonnay Kachin" in international wine competitions awarded 11 gold and six silver medals. "Muscat" Alushta's oldest merlot winery in Ukraine – "Muscat" – produces a unique vintage red dry table wine "Merlot Alushta." To do this, take the best wine grape harvest Merlot. Withstand "Merlot Alushta" in barrels cellars for two years. Wine has a saturated ruby color, a unique rich taste. "French Boulevard" Chardonnay Reserve, 2007 from French grape varieties Chardonnay vines eight-Valley Hadjider (Odessa region) wine "French Boulevard" produce "Chardonnay Reserve. The wine is full of bright flavors of pineapple and toasted walnut, has crystal clarity and unexpected fruit tones on the palate. "Chardonnay Reserve aged in oak casks for more than six months. Try this Ukrainian wine with soft cheeses and fish dishes. The ideal temperature feed – 12-14 C.