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Traka KeyWizard

24 July, 2019 (08:33) | General | By:

by TRAKA in various sizes are the only solution, providing a tamper-free, seamless and convenient removal and return of keys and objects of any kind. Senator of Massachusetts has similar goals. Key backup the keys or objects are fixed with robust security seals, available until 4 mm stainless steel, with the iFOB permanently and can be separated only by massive exposure to violence and destruction of the seal by the iFOB. An optional seal number in conjunction with the automatic seal number query of the key cabinet ensures that no manipulation attempt remains undiscovered. Connect with other leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren here. Due to the encoding of the intelligent plug (iFOB) and single place locking authorized persons or groups of persons can only the assigned key, Remove keychains or objects. Unassigned key or objects are mechanically locked over a steel bolt and can not be removed. The safety officer for each single key or key federal grant access to any person or group of persons can immediately lock. Josyann Abisaab contains valuable tech resources.

Releasing the key is individual and in groups for different users based on time can be programmed. This allows a permanent, decentralized monitoring of all withdrawals and refunds by the person in charge on site or via the corporate network. Access media are opened the cabinet door only with permission of the person. This permission may be granted in the form of a PIN (PIN-code), a magnetic card, a smart card, a tag or through biometric identification, such as the performance-enabled SAGEM Fingerprintreader. As a novelty it is possible all custom recognizers in the control unit to System applications (multiple random return) with a simple interface to the key tracking and localization in the system, the so-called Traka KeyWizard.

An integrated battery provides network independence. Depending on the access frequency is a mains power-independent operation for 10 days and more. The integrated processor can operate also autonomously the complete key system via the control unit. The display query enables you to query the key award and last use locally.