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The Stone Age

11 October, 2013 (00:36) | General | By:

Stress is not oppressed his mind, and helped to survive and feel like a winner. Times have changed, but human physiology is the same. For example, the child needs the experience of strong emotions, both negative and positive. And the best way establish and survive them – is a game. Well, who but a man can create for the child's game called "The Stone Age is resting." Instinct for gathering, hunting is deeply founded in the unconscious man, and very often it is exciting. To realize these desires to use, parents can apply a variety of games aimed at – search objects and their properties.

One of these games I'm already about one and a half years. The game has no name, but it's like my son, and because lives long, evolving, and I think it will continue to evolve, adjusting to the new training tasks. It all started when my son was not even seven months. We hid under the pillow and found a favorite toy – a bear. It was a familiarity with the concepts of "Hide" and "Finding", which I loudly and intonation to pronounce. By nine months of the game modernized. Bear was hiding in the room, but with the prerequisite (this is important!) – He was supposed to be visible.

I planted a bear in a prominent place in the room and then went in with her son in her arms. His task was to find a bear eyes. He shook his head and was very happy when it finds a toy.