Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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The Statute

13 February, 2022 (16:41) | General | By:

Seen the necessity of the insertion of the education in health in all the scopes of youth, fit to the professionals sensitization to work with this objective. The nursing is distinguished for being closely on to the human being and worried about its well-being, it is fit in the challenge of actions in Education in Health that allow to stimulate the young to the critical reflection of its reality. It is basic that the Nursing places in the center of the debates on health quarrels concerning techniques which can be submitted the specific groups, that is, people contextualizadas in one same reality. 2. REVISION OF LITERATURE 2,1 ADOLESCENCE the adolescence drift of Latin adolescere, that it means ' ' crescer' '. United Health understood the implications. Adolescence is the period of the life human being between the puberty and the virility; youth; youth.

The Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, Law n. 8,069/90, circumscribes the adolescence as the period of life that goes of the 12 to the 18 years of age. The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) delimits the adolescence as the second decade of life (10 to the 19 years) and youth as the period that goes of the 15 to the 24 years. Health department takes for base the definition of the OMS. Moreira (2007, p.313) affirms that: ' ' The adolescence is a period of changes, caused for its special synergy of biological, psychic, social and cultural factors. In this phase, the young one if sees in way the new relations with the family, the way where it lives, I obtain exactly and with the other adolescents. It is in this period of the life that occurs the transistion of a state of dependence for relative other of independncia.' ' Being the adolescence a process of biopsicossocial development, can be marked by crises, difficulties, malaise and anguish. When abandoning the infantile condition and searching the ingression in the adult world, the adolescent suffers additions in its psychic income.