Phlebotomists are health care workers who are specially trained to take blood.

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The Start

12 February, 2017 (20:11) | General | By:

The procedure is done with a device called Cellu M6 NG LPG Systems (), that It consists of a console with vacuum pump, a screen treatment, and a suction Chamber located in the handle or application head. Head of application, is a motorized roller that helps introduce a fold of skin in the suction Chamber, and at the same time facilitates the movement of the head along the area to be treated. Likewise, in head drives are for controlling suction pressure and the start/stop. Head of application applies on the patient, occurs when a vacuum chamber, creating a fold of skin that approximates the hypodermis and the deep layers of fat. This increases the circulation in the treated areas, effect that cannot be achieved manually.

Treatment is not performed directly on the skin, the patient is placed a body body for 4 reasons: hygiene: the body is personal for each patient. Comfort: Makes more pleasant treatment to the patient’s skin. Efficiency: Facilitates the sliding of the treatment heads increasing results (more intense treatment, faster results). Shame: you can use it without underwear, staying hidden most intimate areas. The number of sessions of Endermologie to each patient received va depending on the degree of severity of the cellulite, and can vary between 10 and 20. The average frequency recommended for treatment is of two sessions per week, leaving at least 1-2 days between sessions. From 8-10 session manages a session per week until reaching the desired goal. Once the initial series attend periodically with the objective of maintaining the results, 1 session per month.

Each massage session lasts 35 minutes. It is very important to outlines before starting treatment, in the intermediate session, and after the last session of Endermologie, measurement to be able to make objective results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the results obtained are intact. If new problems occur due to hormonal changes affecting the silhouette, or premature ageing affects the tone of the skin, the patient can perform within a time other Endermologie treatment. Original author and source of the article