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The Proposal

26 September, 2013 (08:17) | General | By:

And the amount of such a treaty, as a rule, exceed the legally stipulated. Is it reasonable to waive such agreements? Many of us think that if all the issue officially, then we will be more independent. It is not. And to think one must, above all the interests of children. If you believe that the proposal "the former" is not a trick To avoid sharing the expenses, try to negotiate. Count along with him, what you previously evaded child support, how these costs will rise in the near future. Do not forget about summer vacation.

Based on all this, determine the proportion of its participation. Do not forget to specify the dates and methods of obtaining the money and increasing amounts (remember about inflation). What else would caution, since it is from that: Divorce and alimony – two different problems, and should not solve one at the expense of another. The most stupid thing you can do – is to say: "I do not need from you, just leave us alone." If everything went not so well and help my father still is not enough, I seems necessary to talk with children about changes the material conditions. Do not be afraid of those conversations and do not hesitate, torn to pieces, to make everything as it was. Be sure that many parents have to drive these negotiations. Try to avoid noisy and controversial section of the property for at least a child, but if this does happen, be prepared to answer the question about where the "left" tv or a favorite tea: "You got now two houses, and these things you will enjoy when you go visit my father.