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The Mass

17 February, 2017 (09:50) | General | By:

Such simulacro histrinico would be similar to a person who if considers intellectual, but that she does not write nor she reads. Certainly most terrible it is that some hypocrisies are allowed and nor questioned and still they receive the fake heading from ' ' legais' ' even of ' ' sensuais' '. If the critical spirit, seeing so great falseness, not to locate itself, it it can, to the end and the handle, if to submit to the ditames of the mass, therefore the acceptance is one of the basic requirements to become mass. However, if the individual possesss deep identification with a person-mass, it can until if submitting to the acceptance, or in case that it needs such person, but, of the opposite, a critical radical becomes indispensable, therefore the educational experience, that is, of constitution of the human being, demands radicalidade, and mere conformismos generate repulse to the criticidade. Said ' ' cowboy' ' (cowboy of gas station, and it of the field) that, in the truth, he is estereotipado, it is not simply ridicule and it represents the proper materialized sterility, therefore the movement of the singularity is suppressed in favor of a friction style. People who value this type of ' ' indivduo' ' they are spread to mounts and they are, many times, equal the tiriricas, not serving for almost nothing, except for jokes. is not treated here to make an inconsequential vindication of reason and nor one anti-semitism, in which the part and ' ' cowboy' ' if they become irreconcilable existenciais types, but to perceive limitation in that, at least in the other, if it finds of reduced form or, in who knows, this obtains to perceive its gaps. The critical one is, therefore, to a type of mentality that if believes in the center of the land, excluding the other for not incasing itself mere in an accepted style for the majority-mass.