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The Liver

31 October, 2017 (02:48) | General | By:

Comprehensive study of physical and gynecological status of patients with uterine myoma possible to determine the presence of these autonomic-vascular, metabolic, endocrine and psycho-vegetative disorders. Anatomic and functional structures (central vegetative Education) involved in the organization of the pathological process in uterine myoma, homogeneous, but the pathogenesis is different and depends on the nature and sequence of manifestation of neurological symptoms and lesions of the primary level in the hypothalamus – pituitary – ovary – uterus. In patients with a predominance of neyroobmenno-endocrine disorders in clinical development of uterine fibroids is advisable to use drugs, normalizing neuroendocrine regulation having vegetotropnym, neuroleptic and antidepressant effects. In the study of somatic status patients with uterine myoma noted that virtually all groups observed, there are some functional changes in the liver. As is known, along with participation in different types of metabolism, liver, affects the metabolism of steroid hormone inactivating and synthesizing them. Inactivation of the hormones in the liver occurs in the presence of proteins and vitamins B and C.

In this case, formed in the liver of protein-hormonal biocomplexes. Constant level of hormones caused by enterohepatic cycles. When liver damage may occur hyperestrogenism syndrome. Study of the basic functions of the liver showed that uterine cancer, even in cases where clinically there was no evidence liver damage, detect violations of its functional activity. According to the literature, in patients with uterine myoma marked changes in lipid profile. The greatest violation observed in patients with large dimensions uterus and the rapid growth of the tumor.

Observed a clear tendency to increase of total lipids, B-lipoprotein and cholesterol. Nature of the lipid metabolism indicative of a process of esterification of cholesterol and its excretion. Changes in the immune status are found mainly in patients with concomitant neuroendocrine disorder and in patients in late reproductive age in premenopausal women. Reducing cellular and humoral immunity expressed in patients with rapid tumor growth, concomitant endometrial hyperplasia, a chronic and prolonged loss of blood salpingoophoritis, accompanied by chronic posthemorrhagic anemia and extragenital pathology. When discussing the conditions and possibilities of conservative treatment should consider the following aspects: – compliance with maximum oncological alertness at different stages of observation – morphological characteristics of tumor growth – specifically sensitive tissue of the myometrium and myoma nodes to endogenous and exogenous hormone influences. Compliance with hygiene regime, rational diet, medication exposure for the correction of metabolic disorders requires virtually all women with this disease, regardless of the chosen treatment policy, including due to surgical treatment. The diet should include restriction of animal fats, contain a sufficient amount of protein and unsaturated fatty acids of vegetable origin. Recommended acceptance of freshly prepared raw vegetable juices (beet, carrot, cabbage, potato). In the selection of patients with uterine myoma individual treatments dietary supplements should be viewed not only in the context complementary therapies, but also as an alternative treatment if you can not use hormone therapy or refusal of the latter.