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The Government

29 April, 2013 (21:59) | General | By:

They are severely ASLEEP. Then they sleep to mass for their purposes of demagogic madness. The leaders are too busy in their own satisfactions selfish, greedy for power and personal glory. How could they have the sensitivity to govern from the heart. Why are still hating the Muslim, the Jew, to the? Catholic, to the hindu? Why they pursue and kill that thinks differently? Are they afraid? It bothers them that someone rises because that someone could arrrastar hundreds of thousands? Leading gentlemen of the grey world, intelligence is love because it springs from another place of the human being.

We can not access it while we continue thinking from our limited selfish minds, that they only respond to ideologies and religious beliefs invented by other minds. It is not cruel impositions. We, humans, have the ability to create a world at peace, but can not achieve it until we do not purify our archaic mentalities. What surrounds us is product of the imbecility. If we were smart, we would be enjoying life, which is a gift that has given us something that flows beyond all human understanding. Time is shortened, and I do not see that we work from a real awareness. er here. Please! We leave the unconscious until it is too late to react.

Wake up from the collective dream, see what we have done. Let’s not destroying life on Earth. We begin to practice the true art of love from a pure heart, clean of all mental influences. It is not to see who is the Savior, ideologies we have fractionated, we have a world divided by the brutality, we are not improving as a species or Yes? Each will get the answer in your heart. How to express what I feel through the words. To which leader could import it the word of a poet? Leading gentlemen of the grey world, the reality that surrounds us overwhelms us; and life is wonderful. The birds sing, the sky is covered with stars, flowers smell the day. Don’t see it? No! It is evident that not, if it would all be different. I just hope that this small letter can contribute something. If all work thinking of the neighbor, the world would be transformed immediately. Everyone would have a social system that would assist the population in: health, education and food. Three essential elements so that the man can have a dignified life. The Government of all Governments of the world will return to the original state of love, when all the grey world leaders understand that this is a great illusion. Let’s make a world so that every human being can be himself before everyone. Nothing more. Thank you!