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The French Diet

2 March, 2017 (08:26) | General | By:

The French diet is already in the title of "French diet" we fancies a special charm. Well, of course, the belief that we pohudeem, because it is difficult to find grucnuyu Frenchwoman. But why are so many online diametrically opposing reviews, critical and enthusiastic about the French diet? Rapid weight loss for week one example – should be properly understood, is that this French diet to lose weight effectively with through it. Now the Internet to two different systems coexist, behalf of the French diet. It is necessary to distinguish them. The first speaks of the French system of power, there is no restriction in the use of certain products. This complex requires the presence of the main menu, through which you can lose weight without all the restrictions.

Rapid weight loss for the week The other system is a power rate (7 – 14 days), calculated on weight loss, diet, which, in contrast to the first, associated with severe restriction in weight loss last week pitanii.Bystro use of these two methods is due to those goals that you want to achieve for themselves. Permanent harmony can be maintained, focusing on the French system of power, to abide by its rules. If you need to lose weight quickly for a short time, you can not do without a rigid diet, full of limitations in products supply. The first (and true), the French diet requires limiting supply or use of any incomprehensible and tasteless food. So the first rule – it's small portions, and always, without exception, even on holidays.

The French eat whatever they want, without limitations, however little. After all, great to lose weight on their favorite dishes, is not it? Another tip that may help – use a small dish for a meal that will create a visual the illusion of "full plate", not requiring supplementation. As for the food, it should be deleted semi-stuffed chemistry, but eat only fresh natural products. Fruits and vegetables are always let present on the table, they can not deny yourself the contrary – the French diet in its classical version requires that fruits and vegetables accounted for 50% of the total diet. However, the French also eat a lot of meat, and love fish, various seafood and wine in moderate amounts. Mayonnaise and margarine French deny, considering almost no harmful products. But natural butter and olive oil are used daily in the diet.