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The Citizen

14 November, 2017 (06:26) | General | By:

We changed ourselves into bpedes without penalties that had continued if to find capable of ' ' to have conscience of thought and responsibility of atos' ' , but that also they would be on ' ' forces internas' ' of some orders. these forces could be without control, if it is that they had some, and they then would command the behaviors. The such forces could scientifically be mapeadas. Thus, today, any person more or less escolarizada speaks in ' ' desires inconscientes' ' , ' ' decisions taken for inconsciente' ' e, not rare, sends this some thing that if established from Freud. When saying this, we do not relate in them to we ourselves as people who, for speaking and acting ' ' without conscincia' ' ' ' without responsabilidade' ' , they would be sick beings mentally, they would be ' ' it are of razo' '. We use such image of we ourselves as what espelha the ones that are healthy mentally. Even though the ones that had never believed the psicanaltica therapy use such vocabulary, say, freudiano.

The popular victory of Freud in the assembly of our current auto-image is undisputed. It is clearly that some still apimentaram plus everything this with a little of Marx? they had started to not only say that ' ' forces internas' ' they could be responsible for the action of the citizen, but also ' ' forces externas' ' assimilated to the apparatus ' ' interno' '. Such forces would come of ' ' ideologia' ' , something as that one ' ' false conscincia' ' produced for social mechanisms. Generically, and not rare of little rigorous form, these people abocanharam some rules of the popular marxism, then they had adopted the idea of that id and superego if would not only oppose to the ego, but that it would have one mental component room there, to the times imiscudo in these instances, in ' ' box mental' ' , to the times separate of them, that he was to such ' ' false conscincia' '.