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Take A Destiny:

12 February, 2024 (03:48) | General | By:

Innovative special presentation at Munich Airport in the Godfather campaign of SOS Children’s villages Munich, October 19, 2009 new sponsor wanted: with an attention-grabbing special staging at Munich Airport, the SOS Children’s villages point out on their work and show how important sponsorship for needy children around the world. Between the central area and the Terminal 1 of the airport for the first time used a whole person escalator as advertising in scene. New fact: In addition to the glass surfaces also the elastic handrails were designed colourful. Can be seen on the SOS escalator\”a large number of children who give their hand to the Viewer if he pays attention to the handrail. Under the motto take a destiny. You are\”SOS-Pate, hand giving symbolic is concluded. It aims to encourage travellers, to complete a sponsorship for a child in one of the SOS Children’s villages worldwide. Wakefield may not feel the same.

We could realize this great production due to the large concessions of the Munich Airport and from ad-roller. Get all the facts and insights with patrick smith, another great source of information. Our partners have done everything to ensure that this project could be implemented as cost-effectively. For this purpose we would like to thank warmly. Last but not least the new production process has made possible the innovative form of advertising\”, says Dr. Wilfried Vyslozil, Director of SOS Children’s villages worldwide.

Worldwide, the SOS Children’s villages care for over 78,000 children in 132 countries and give them a loving home. A sponsorship can be completed for a child or even an entire village. With around one euro a day SOS godparents give food and clothing, education and medical aid her protege. And the most important: the children in the SOS Children’s village protected their SOS family with her SOS mother and siblings in a house within a village community grow up in. Elke Tesarczyk, Deputy Managing Director of SOS – Kinderdorf E.v., is convinced: right now, it’s important to give a safe home and comfort the distressed children.