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ABK Credit

23 February, 2021 (10:48) | General | By:

Leading payments experts point to the need for further standardization of the customer-bank interface. Whither the journey in the unified European payment traffic?\”this question employed leading payments experts at the International Conference of Sibos in Vienna as well as the user meeting of the payments specialists ABK and EFiS in Dreieich near Frankfurt. Explanations for […]

Ilka Stiegler

8 September, 2018 (11:17) | General | By:

In advance, all customers will be informed after agreement by opening letter. Usually the factoring customer has the first money after signature of the contract within one to three weeks on his account. Retroactive purchase of claims over a period of up to 30 days, the customer receives an additional liquidity flow right at the […]

Saving When Shopping From Home

7 December, 2017 (16:02) | General | By:

Register for free * online shop * get back money every day, thousands of enthusiastic customers use the Internet city better, more convenient, faster, and cheaper to get to high-quality branded goods and services. In contrast to the normal shopping, get back a portion of your purchase price as reimbursement of the Internet City directly […]